Art Class with Kathy Sharpe

Kathy Sharpe has always been a creative gal.  While growing up in Chicago as a child, her father told her she could have a pet once they moved – and she asked for a giraffe.  She has hand painted greeting cards for Gumps and Nordstrom before meeting the love of her life, her husband, Bill.  A retired professor at Stanford University and Nobel Prize winner, Bill travels extensively now, providing lectures, and Kathy accompanies him along with her watercolors.

Kathy’s painting reflect her love of flowers, nature and animals (Cloud, her beloved Bijon is in some paintings).   She creates many paintings from what she experiences during their travels and also from her gazing at the beautiful Carmel-by-the -Sea gardens, including her own.  Many of her work is available on greeting cards, trivets, Italian-made scarves, needlepoint patterns, and jewelry boxes at her Gallery.

Create more than you’d ever imagine in a 2-hour class with Kathy in her charming studio located just up the street from Carmel Stonehouse. View our Enhancements page for more info.